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Liane Jeschull

Current Projects

Essentials of Technical Writing for Engineers. Materials developed for Green International Affiliates, Inc. (Spring/Summer 2017). Comments welcome.
Usage and Style

L2 English students in the Writing Center: Resources for Writing Center peer tutors, with particular reference to L1 Chinese- and Arabic-speaking students. Helpsheets prepared for the Writing Center at Merrimack College and aimed at student tutors without formal training or background in linguistics (Spring 2016 & Fall 2016). Comments welcome.
Spring 2016 Drafts:
Typology of errors (overview)
Typology of errors (with explanation)
Verbs for presenting research results
Issue: -ing vs. -ed
Editing and Formatting
Fall 2016 Drafts:
Issue: Spelling (for students)
Issue: Spelling (for tutors)
Issue: Run-on sentences (for students)
Issue: Run-on sentences (for tutors)
Issue: Sentence fragments (in progress)

Sharing Personal Writing Groups: An innovative Writing Center component for L2 Writing courses.
Part of the WRT 1000 Grammar and Composition for Multilingual Students/FYW 1050 Introduction to College Writing for Multilingual Students sequence, developed in collaboration with the Writing Center at Merrimack College (ongoing).

Mobile learning in the L2 Writing classroom: Using iPads and mobile apps to facilitate academic reading and writing skills for L2 English students.
Part of the Mobile Merrimack initiative of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Merrimack College (ongoing).


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